Boca Raton Termite Control

Boca Raton termites vs ants

Many people confuse termites with certain species of ants.  While ants are a bit of a nuisance, termites can do some real damage to structures.

We provide termite control services to Boca Raton, Florida and the surrounding areas. You should call our Boca Raton termite control professionals today if you suspect a termite problem in your home or business.

Boca Raton Termite Exterminators

There are several types of termites that call Boca Raton home. Because each different type of termite will attack your home in their own unique way our Boca Raton termite control experts will start off by determining what kind of termite you have on your hands and then working to provide the correct extermination method or methods. The type of termite we are dealing with will then determine the diagnosis we provide for complete extermination.

Detecting Termites

Boca Raton termite mudtubes

Mudtubes can be seen running along foundations and walls as well as hanging from eaves, depending upon the type of termite in the structure.

As with many other household pests, many people realize they have termites because they see their fecal matter rather than the termites themselves. Termite fecal matter is seen in thin, tiny strips, and is rounded at the ends. If you see this termite fecal matter in your home you need to call us right away.

Another way that people discover termites in their home is from the mud tubes they create. If you notice any holes or tunnels in your wood, or if for any reason, you think you might have termites, you should have your home or business inspected immediately. Some types of termites, when left to their own devices for even just a few weeks can cause substantial structural damage to your home. Each day you delay is more damage that these termites are causing.

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